F for Fishteria

Restaurant number two to be ticked off the list was Fishteria in Wan Chai.

Despite the fabulous weather brought on by a slightly late-in-the-season T3, most of us made it to the restaurant without being drenched.

The food more than made up for the weather, and it was rather a treat to be served by staff with very strong opinions around the best dishes on the menu (and they never steered us wrong!).


Two members of the group joined in to order the grilled seafood platter for two (that did it’s job and then some), while a third when for the highly-recommended sea bass cooked in salt.


Lots of salt!

Desserts were also a hit, the coconut tart with chocolate icecream set off a rather amusing discussion on the various ‘Bounty’ chocolate bar adverts people had grown up with, while the fruit and nuts provided a delicious hit of Frangelico and berries in a post-dinner cocktail.

IMAG1117 IMAG1118

Weather luck ran out as we were leaving, the heavens opened…

Overall verdict, well worth the rain, we’ll be going back!


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