F for Fishteria

Restaurant number two to be ticked off the list was Fishteria in Wan Chai.

Despite the fabulous weather brought on by a slightly late-in-the-season T3, most of us made it to the restaurant without being drenched.

The food more than made up for the weather, and it was rather a treat to be served by staff with very strong opinions around the best dishes on the menu (and they never steered us wrong!).


Two members of the group joined in to order the grilled seafood platter for two (that did it’s job and then some), while a third when for the highly-recommended sea bass cooked in salt.


Lots of salt!

Desserts were also a hit, the coconut tart with chocolate icecream set off a rather amusing discussion on the various ‘Bounty’ chocolate bar adverts people had grown up with, while the fruit and nuts provided a delicious hit of Frangelico and berries in a post-dinner cocktail.

IMAG1117 IMAG1118

Weather luck ran out as we were leaving, the heavens opened…

Overall verdict, well worth the rain, we’ll be going back!

K for Kinsale

First restaurant down, and it’s Kinsale in Kennedy Town.

It’s a pretty decent size (especially for Hong Kong), had the obligatory people sitting across the table from each other, staring at their mobile phones and it was really dark (and/or I’m getting old and have bad eyesight).

Kinsale - Collage

The cuisine is tagged as comfort food and I have reason to believe the steak and chips was pretty good, the mac&cheese side dish was definitely a winner…

Kinsale - Steak Attack

As was the chocolate creme brulee.

Kinsale - Creme Brulee

All up, good food, decent-sized servings (especially that creme brulee, seriously enough for three), a bit on the pricey side.

A-Z of Restaurants – The Proposed List

So, here’s our first A-Z, Hong Kong restaurants to try out, no real time frame, we’ll just get to them when we can so this could take a while…

Akari – Sushi
Belgica – Seafood
Clipper Lounge – Moët Rosé Sunday Brunch first weekend of every month
Drunken Duck – British / Asian Fusion
El Mercado – Peruvian / Japanese Fusion
Fishteria – Fish & Seafood
Grassroots Pantry – Vegetarian
Hello Kitty – Dim Sum
Issaya Siamese Club – Thai
Jrink – Tea House
Kinsale – Comfort Food
La Paloma – Spanish
Momojein – Korean
Noodlemi – Vietnamese Noodle Bar
The Optimist – Spanish
Plat du Jour – French Bistro
Quayside – International / Bistro
Restoration – Creole
Soland – Vegan / Vegetarian
TRi – Balinese
URA – Japanese
Viet Kitchen – Vietnamese
Wooloomooloo Steakhouse – Steakhouse
Xia Fei Society – Shanghaiese
YunYan Sichuan – Sichuan
Zuma – Japanese / Champagne Brunch